Meet Grizzel

Times don't get easier for Adjuncts. When Grizzel finds out she's been laid off, facing her husband and worrying about her two kids is not something she is prepared to do. Instead of coming out and telling her husband they are going to face some hard times, Grizzel secretly tries to find a way to make ends meet, by any means.

Meet Michael

Mike, as everyone calls him, isn't taking the layoffs well. He heads down an already dangerous path with alcohol and depression. He tries to cope with his job loss by binging in additive activities while trying to stay afloat battling demons.

Meet Rishik

The Adjuncts getting laid off hasn't been a treat for Rishik. He faces a mountain of problems that come with not getting a pay check. Trying to stay positive and find other work, the stress of income loss takes a toll and leaves him struggling to find a place to lay his head.

Meet Trenton

Angry about the set back the layoffs have caused, Trenton immediately tries to find a way to support both himself and his family. He puts his pride aside and accepts jobs that are considered beneath him, but keeps a positive outlook because he has a family to feed.

Meet Sydney

Going through a divorce and starting her life over, Sydney faces a new dilemma, getting fired. She tries to figure out how she's supposed to start this new life with bills piling up, payments to lawyers and now basic needs. Trying to hold her head up, Sydney takes the weight on her shoulders and tries to find other ways to support herself.

Meet Emily

If grad school wasn't hard enough, the extra money Emily was getting being an adjunct just got cut. Trying to stay on top of her studies gets hard when hunger pains strike and she doesn't know where her next meal is coming from. Forced to make a tough decision, in order to survive, Emily plows through the layoffs with support of friends and bad habits.