Donating to The Adjuncts

b54ec5a6-7296-45e3-a868-ca29bdab2287Thanks for visiting The Adjuncts webpage. We are able to film and create through donations. If you want to support the crew and actors, please donate generously so we can create the fun and entertaining content. Please note that your donation goes towards:

  • Cameras
  • Lights
  • Microphones
  • Studio/Video software access
  • Location rentals
  • Actor daily rate
  • Crew daily rate
  • Food
  • Editing
  • Marketing

Education is a serious matter, but comedy always seems to rise from the struggle to instruct, tutor, and counsel the multitude of students and interact with peers and supervisors in a professional manner. Here is where the genius of the comedy lies in The Adjuncts. The Adjuncts are a group of part-time teachers/instructors, who survive and thrive in the whimsical but quirky world of “post-secondary” academia. The title of The Adjuncts possesses a number of truths that reflect the hierarchy and impact these instructors have on the very system of education along with a “cruise line load of laughs”.