Adjunct Professors

bsp44tzqr3_Blank_Avatar_FemaleEmily: A younger adjunct who is now a graduate student working as a teaching assistant. She is usually seen as the more reasonable one in the group who tries to find positive solutions to their problems. When one of her students announces a tragic event, Emily is stuck between supporting her adjuncts or backing her student.


bsp44tzqr3_Blank_Avatar_FemaleSara: A woman who is dealing with going through a divorce, facing financial hardships puts on a brave face when dealing with the troubles of academia. Sara isn’t afraid to speak her mind and take action when there is a problem. What the other adjuncts don’t know is the mental anguish she faces once she leaves campus. What she doesn’t know is she brings her issues into the classroom.


bsp44tzqr3_Blank_Avatar_FemaleGrizzel: Seemingly, happily married Grizzel has a habit of holding secrets. While already facing difficulties managing life as an adjunct, she also faces challenges being one of the few minorities on campus and putting on a front that everything is perfect in her life.


: The true definition of a struggling part-time professor is Shawn. While trying to make ends meet, Shawn tries to hide his struggling living condition. Because of his pride, he won’t ask for help and would rather struggle as an adjunct before reaching out for a helping hand.


no-profile-imgTrenton: A hardworking adjunct that works multiple jobs. He takes care of his family without complaining. When bad news lands on the adjuncts table, he sucks it up and does everything to keep himself from failing, even if it means humiliation.


: Loud mouth Mike is sick of everyone and everything. He takes the other adjuncts optimism and calls it fake. He is dealing with a strong internal struggle that he thinks no one notices. When confronted about his addition, he lashes out and lets himself go on a downward spiral.


Administrative Staff 

no-profile-imgCoach Steven: Balancing the pressures of a new merging school, Coach Steven ads on to a new pressure. One of his athletes has been accused of rape. Is he going to be able to face the administration who are not backing his athlete or turn away from someone who needs his help.


no-profile-imgNigel: Star athlete is popular, well liked, until someone accuses him of rape.



bsp44tzqr3_Blank_Avatar_FemaleFaith: Newbie transfer student does everything to fit in. When everything doesn’t work out the way she thought it would be, she finds herself on everyone’s bad side when accusations fly about her and the rumors turn into bullying.


bsp44tzqr3_Blank_Avatar_FemaleNatasha: Strong independent woman who is moving her way up academia. While working her way higher to where she wants to go, life gives her a startling halt and she has to confront her past who seemingly walks back into her life.


bsp44tzqr3_Blank_Avatar_FemaleMelissa: Being vice president isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Still, Melissa has a taste for power and has no problem using it to her advantage.



no-profile-imgNigel: Strong athletic student who suddenly got accused of rape. Knowing for being a playboy on campus, the accusation comes as a shock to both him, his team and everyone who he thought he was close to.

**Speaking Extras are needed as students in classroom. Ages 20-40**

**Speaking Extras are needed as Co-workers, college workers ages 30-50.**