What Is An Adjunct?

The life of an adjunct isn’t something many people are aware of. Most people look at college instructors as people with prestigious careers.

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Season One of The Adjuncts

Season One can currently be viewed on Youtube.com/MackEscapeHatch  Check out the original Adjuncts, staff, administration and more survived academia!

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Making Season 2

Season Two has not been filmed yet. We shot the short film in hopes of getting support and funding to film the second Season. In Season Two we plan...

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Why I Created          "The Adjuncts"

I remember when I first graduated from college. About six months later, I received an email from one of my favorite professor’s asking us to write letters in support of vouching for her to becoming full time. She had a Ph.D. degree from Columbia, was a published poet and was teaching part-time, which I didn’t realize until I got her email. She had been going through a lot, such as getting a divorce and she had a daughter to take care of. I did my part and wrote a letter as promised. A few months later, I got an email that she committed suicide. I was devastated.



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